The 12 Most Annoying Email Habits You See Every Single Day


annoying email habits

1) Your email doesn’t help people contact you.

The moment you send an email, it becomes someone else’s reference point. This is why you should take care when you write searchable subject lines. It’s also why you need to have your info obvious.

2) Your sign-off is over-doing it.

3) You is not doing it good, the grammar.

And so you get sloppy.

4) Your email thread is getting ridiculously long.

By virtue of the fact that you keep replying to the same emails, breeding threads that have been unspooling since 2001.

5) You’re doing your reasoning within the email, rather than before you write it.

Think through your thoughts. Then boil them down to five sentences.

6) Your sign-off is a little too tender.

Keep it real, rather than romantic, when you sign off.

7) You spend way too much time disclaiming.

But on the opposite end of the spectrum is loading every message with legalistic baggage.

8) You keep a quote in your signature.

The thing about email is that you’re sending 70 or so of these things a day. So attaching various fun aspects of your identity–like, say, your taste in aphorisms–can blur the line between grateful and grating: “Thanks for the wisdom, person I email several times a day.”

9) You’re too cute with the way you sign your name.

Please leave out anything emoticon-like.

10) You’re lazy with your conversation editing.

Be mindful of your forwarding: If you’re sending a decade-long transcript of conversation to someone who wasn’t involved in said conversation, you need to trim it down to–or at least highlight–the relevant text.

11) You use obscure non-emoticons.

A half-assed emoticon is insufferable. Biggest email pet peeve:”People finishing sentences with J, which I’m told is supposed to be a smilie symbol, but not.”

12) You don’t know when to reply all.

But the biggest source of inbox sorrow is the over-used “reply all,” especially if you’re just writing “thanks” or “got it.” (This is such a big problem that someone is evenmaking a Zach Galifianakis movie about it.)

Adapted from Drake Baer, Image Credit: Tom-b

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