5 Types of Email that Your Subscribers Will Delete Immediately


types of email that subscribers delete

Isn’t it annoying when your email is getting deleted by most of your subscriber? When you have very low open rates, chances are your email is getting deleted by most of your subscribers. And why they delete your email? You may ask that kind of question. But, the fault is in you. That’s because your email deserves to be deleted. Here are 5 types of email that your subscribers will delete immediately:

1. Email that goes directly to SPAM folder

Since many email providers are getting smarter in filtering spam emails, you have to carefully craft your email to prevent it from going directly into spam folder. Email that contains excessive advertisement will usually go to spam folder, regardless of whether your subscribers have opted-in to receive it or not. Make sure to remember that you need to avoid sending excessive advertisement to your subscribers.

2. Email that says nothing but fluff

In other words, it is an email that has nothing in substance. When writing email to your subscribers, you have to make sure that you put valuable content in it. Without valuable content, your email will be useless. Email that says nothing but fluff and gibberish will only get into the trash of your subscribers’ inbox. So, be sure to write something that your subscribers can appreciate.

3. Email that is too long or too short

Who wants to read email with 2000 words long? Unless you have lots of free time, you may want to read it. But, you’ll do it only if the information is interesting for you. It’s true for a short email as well. Short email only works if you’re writing to your close friends, asking about whether they want to hang out tonight or not. Make sure to balance the length of your email, otherwise your email will be deleted.

4. Email that doesn’t contain an unsubscribe link

Isn’t annoying if you can’t unsubscribe from unwanted mailing list? What will you do when you can’t unsubscribe from certain mailing list because there is no unsubscribe link in it? Most people will mark that email and subsequent emails from the same sender as spam, thus they will never see that kind of email again in their inbox. So, don’t be afraid to include unsubscribe link in your email because it gives your subscribers a feeling of security.

5. Your headline is annoying

If you want people to read your email, be sure to write an interesting headline in your email. Why you should do that? That’s because annoying headlines will automatically get deleted. Your subscribers won’t even bother to look at it. If you can’t write an interesting headline, you’ll lose. TIP: writing headline that contains tips or list will make it more interesting.

Those are types of email that your subscribers will delete immediately from their inbox. Don’t bother to send them the types of email above, because your subscribers won’t like it. Make sure to keep improving your email quality in order to boost your subscribers’ interest toward your mailing list.

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