Coca-Cola UK Email Scam


coca cola uk email scam
If you received this email or text from somebody pretending to be Coca-Cola UK:

Subject: You have won £1,100,000 GBP

Dear Lucky Winner,

Coca-Cola company has Awarded you Ј1,100,000 GBP in 2013 Anniversary draw,Your PIN Number to claim your award is (cocacola0405) email us at (, Coca-Cola company online, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo, Aol, Walla,Gmail, Russian Mail and Hotmail and few from other e-mail providers. Six people are selected yearly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners.

Yours faithful.
Coca-Cola Management

Do not click on any links, reply back or open any attachments.

It is a scam, learn more at the Coca-Cola UK site.



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