Opperman v. Kong Technologies Claim Email



If you received this email:

Opperman v. Kong Technologies Claim Email

Good news, yes it’s real!

Here’s the original email sent for the Opperman v. Kong Technologies Class Action Settlement sent around November 10, 2017:

Class Member Identification Number: xxxxxxxxxxx
Claim Deadline Approaching — The claim filing deadline is November 10, 2017

If you downloaded and used certain mobile applications on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod device before February 23, 2012 you may be entitled to receive a payment.

How can I get a payment? To qualify for a payment, you must be a Class Member and complete and submit a valid online Claim Form. The Claim Form can be found on the Settlement Website at www.iosappsettlement.com. To complete the Claim Form, you must enter your Class Member Identification Number: 110196947201. You must complete and submit the Claim Form online by no later than November 10, 2017, in order to be eligible for payment. Late claims will not be accepted.

You should submit your online claim as soon as possible — do not delay. If the Settlement is approved, the money will be paid to the Class Members who submit timely claims. If you do not make a claim, then you will not receive any payment. In order to get your share of a Settlement payment, then you must submit an online Claim Form on the website by November 10, 2017.

What are my other options?

  1. You can exclude yourself: If you are a Class Member and don’t want to be part of the Settlement, you must exclude yourself by November 10, 2017, or you won’t be able to sue all or any of the App Developers or Apple (with respect to aiding and abetting the App Developers) about the legal claims in the Litigation ever again. If you exclude yourself, you cannot receive a payment from this Settlement, but you can still bring your own lawsuit about the issues in this case, at your own expense, if you choose to do so. The detailed notice, which is available at the Settlement Website at www.iosappsettlement.com, explains how to request exclusion.
  2. You can object to the Settlement: If you are a Class Member and want to stay in the Litigation but do not want the Court to approve the Settlement, you may object to it by November 10, 2017. The detailed notice, which is available at the Settlement Website at www.iosappsettlement.com, explains how to object. If you object, you still need to submit a Claim Form in order to be eligible for payment if the Settlement is approved.
  3. You can attend a hearing: The Court will hold a hearing on December 14, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. to consider whether to approve the Settlement, a request by the lawyers representing all Class Members (Kerr & Wagstaffe LLP; Phillips, Erlewine, Given & Carlin LLP; Edwards Law; Law Offices of Carl F. Schwenker; and Gardy & Notis, LLP) for attorneys’ fees of no more than thirty percent of the Settlement Amount ($1.59 million), and the reimbursement of up to $150,000 in expenses, and for the Class Representatives’ request for $15,000 (each) for their services. You may ask to appear at the hearing, but you don’t have to.
  4. You can do nothing: If you are a Class Member and do nothing, you will still be bound by the terms of the Settlement but you will not be entitled to any payment. You must submit a valid online Claim Form at www.iosappsettlement.com in order to receive payment.
Where can I find more information? This reminder notice contains limited information about the Settlement. For more information, or to view additional Court documents, visit the Settlement Website at www.iosappsettlement.com. You may also write to the Settlement Administrator at: Opperman et al v. Kong Technologies Claims Administrator, P.O. Box 404000, Louisville, KY 40233-4000.
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