Email in Real Life [Video]


12 reasons why you and everyone you work with suck at email:

  1. Leaving your “Out of Office” auto-reply on when you’re, in fact, back in the office.
  2. Hitting “reply all” when there’s just the ONE person you need to reply to.
  3. Adding your ridiculously long signature to emails that don’t call for it.
  4. The unattached attachment.
  6. Parents bombarding you with cat videos that, chances are, you already watched months ago.
  7. That desperate Nigerian prince who just needs a little startup capital.
  8. Porn.
  9. Trying to send a document of Infinite Jest proportions and wondering why it didn’t go through.
  10. That confidentiality notice doused in legalese.
  11. Hoarding emails to the brink of a full inbox.
  12. Not bothering to double-check who exactly you’re cc’ing.

via Fast Company

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