overqualified email

What to Email Back When Being Told “You’re Overqualified”


  “I can appreciate your concern. Can you share with me what makes you feel that way?” “Oh, I’d hate to think you felt my experience would work against me. What concerns you about my qualifications being too much for the role?” “Thank you for your honestly. May I ask, are you worried that my […]

prefixes small subject lines

5 Prefixes to Use in Email Subject Lines


  Asian Efficiency suggests a handful of subject line prefixes your team can adopt to help email be more productive: FYI – For Your Information. It replies that no reply is needed, and is usually a short message. Example: “FYI Free Donuts in the Kitchen”. URGENT – Used for when something is really urgent. Don’t use it if something […]

7 vacation autoresponders to avoid at all times

7 E-mail Vacation Auto-Responders To Avoid At All Times


  1. The Location-Brag An auto-responder that says, “I’m sunning myself on a pristine beach in Santorini and will have limited access to e-mail until Tuesday” might be an accurate reflection of your travel plans. It’s also going to make you look like an asshole. 2. The Seniority Show-off On a similar note, please do […]

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