Coca-Cola UK Email Scam


  If you received this email or text from somebody pretending to be Coca-Cola UK: From: COCA-COLA AWARD PROMOTION 2013 <> Subject: You have won £1,100,000 GBP Dear Lucky Winner, Coca-Cola company has Awarded you Ј1,100,000 GBP in 2013 Anniversary draw,Your PIN Number to claim your award is (cocacola0405) email us at (, Coca-Cola company […]

Nigerian Email Scam Uses Hillary Clinton’s Name


 Office Of The U.S. Secretary Of State Committee On Foreign Payment Resolution Panel On Payment Washington DC Attention: Beneficiary I wish to use this medium and my office to inform you that your contract/inheritance payment of USD10,500,000.00 only from Central Bank of Nigeria has been released and approved for onward transfer to you via ATM […]

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